Building capabilities for strategy execution

DTB Services offers solutions that enable organizations to leverage the phenomenal human learning abilities of members and employees across all levels - executive, management, professional, technical or operational and workers. We optmise these learning abilities in relation to performance, growth, leadership and culture. 



We optimise learning abilities to enable individuals to achieve results and drive team & organisational goals



We optimise learning abilities to drive professional & career development and enable functional & organisational growth



We optimise learning abilities to develop talent with potential for accelerated progression to executive positions in the organisation 



We optimise learning abilities to develop organisational agility and enable desired organisational culture


Latest Ideas...

22 July 2018
Frameworks and Principles
What I do want in this post is explore how one might approach structuring the curriculum of an organization. The goal of such a curriculum is to develop professionals in all types of roles, in such a way that performance at the top level or grade of ...
22 July 2018
Learning and development behavior of employees in organizations exists as part of the experience of meaningful jobs. Jobs are meaningful either because they were created, communicated and managed meaningfully or the incumbent ...
14 July 2018
Frameworks and Principles
Performance Architecture
This is a summary post that presents 5 other posts exploring how activities that derive their meaning from results directed at delivering clear value automatically activate learning behavior and thus agility. The more we are able to fo...