Public and Private Organisations

Enabling performance and growth through effective individual development planning

  • Beyond 70:20:10 - Taking a work task view of learning and development
  • Repositioning formal training as performance support or growth enabler
  • Aligning training curriculum architecture



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Driving talent retention through alternatives to traditional career paths and ladders

  • Presenting the organizational structure as professional domains for professional development
  • Presenting positions (roles) as development opportunities from unique experiences
  • Enabling employees to browse and explore to inform career goals & identify development experiences that meet career goals 

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Motivating performance - aligning people & teams to culture, strategy & goals

  • Detailed analysis of the type of results to be delivered by type of function and roles in function, in relation to organization goals
  • Alignment of task type (individual, team and function) to types of results
  • Making success recognizable
  • Managing subjectivity and relativity of achievement

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