Over 18 years as a professional, I’ve come to realize that my interest and passion are specifically in learning and talent development. Working on matters related to people and performance; exploring human potential and pushing possibilities. I work to understand and drive change within systems, to develop contextual and adaptive strategies to steer the system in the desired direction and then align people solutions to execute that strategy.

Over the years, I have developed a rather rich professional background and diverse set of specialist skills. These include talent and leadership development strategies and products, organisational development, performance management and support, training design, development and delivery, implementing technology as an enabler, to name a few. These skills have been further enriched by multicultural experiences drawn from studying and working in different countries across Asia-Pacific, EMEA, and North America. The cumulative effect of the multicultural experiences has given me a unique perspective on behaviour, organizations and the evolution of work.

I believe we have a lot of under-leveraged knowledge of culture, behaviour, and capability in organisations. I see real opportunities in integrated development strategies with aligned execution. At the moment, I see and read about how different, possibly brilliant, individual people products and practices within the same organization cancel the potential positive effects of one and other for lack of strategic alignment and coordinated execution.

This is what really interests me now; the alignment and integration of systems of brilliant people products and services towards achieving that winning culture that enables the organisational agility to develop capabilities required to create and execute successful strategies.

Latest Ideas...

22 July 2018
Frameworks and Principles
What I do want in this post is explore how one might approach structuring the curriculum of an organization. The goal of such a curriculum is to develop professionals in all types of roles, in such a way that performance at the top level or grade of ...
22 July 2018
Learning and development behavior of employees in organizations exists as part of the experience of meaningful jobs. Jobs are meaningful either because they were created, communicated and managed meaningfully or the incumbent ...
14 July 2018
Frameworks and Principles
Performance Architecture
This is a summary post that presents 5 other posts exploring how activities that derive their meaning from results directed at delivering clear value automatically activate learning behavior and thus agility. The more we are able to fo...