To empower individuals to bring their whole selves to whatever professional activities they engage in and roles they play. We do this because we believe human beings have this innate, amazing capacity to learn and adapt when in pursuit of desired, high value goals.




“Talent & culture solutions are often siloed, fragmented or not grounded in valid design principles. They also tend to be undisciplined and disjointed in execution. If we design solutions based on valid principles and execute with discipline, building on what we already know about people, work and organisations, we can overcome most of the challenges companies face with talent and culture” - dehumo 

DTB Services is a down to business, back to basics organisation. Founded by Dehumo Bickersteth in response to the first-hand experiences he has had with the challenges organisations face in trying to develop the talent capabilities and culture required to sustain the continuous development and execution cycles of a winning strategy for long-term success.

As the world of work and business evolve impacted by various trends, the importance of talent, capability and ways of working have reached such critical levels that it has become almost a matter of survival for organisations or states to focus on and intentionally guide the human and behavioural aspects of the organisation.

While this calls for some sort of people and talent solution, what is required is not a Human Resource product, but rather an alignment of products and practices across all aspects of a functioning organisation. The talent solution needs to cut across organisational boundaries and silos with a systemic and integrated approach. While the knowledge and skills to respond are clearly available, there are significant obstacles affecting how well organisations can leverage them. Basically, employees with potential to develop these skills face practically insurmountable ways of working through (cultural) obstacles that make it impossible to build or implement these integrated solutions. A consequence of this is that, as an industry, not only have we been unable to develop the skills to design, develop and implement these sorts of systemic solutions successfully, it seems we no longer even bother to try! Yet, this is exactly what organisations need to ensure survival and remain relevant.

As a practice, the use of external consultants often provides some level of actionable insights. However, the impact these consultants can have is limited by the sort of access they are given and the financial viability of the type of engagement needed to produce the results they know are possible. The alternative is the dependence on the internal team for sustained execution effort. Unfortunately, as described above, this is not likely to happen. Even if attempted, it often lacks the will to succeed, the skill to take required actions and the knowledge to make necessary decisions along the journey of execution for reasons already mentioned.




DTB Services offers a unique proposition through a simple partnership. We offer 3 types of services:


General Advisory


Providing strategic input and guidance on on-going initiatives and agenda through discussions and specific requests for input


Consultative Support


Proving hands-on support, specific guidance and direct collaboration with named team members towards the achievement of KPIs, objectives or satisfactory execution of deliverables associated with key initiatives. Actual execution and/or production tasks to be completed by employees or other vendors/partners with our supervision. 


Production & Implementation


We take full responsibility to execute a solution (e.g. deliver training or configure a system), or commit to developing a product (e.g. design and development of processes, training programs, etc) 


Approaching the relationship from a non-employed or contingent worker perspective, gives a set of uniquely-minded, highly-skilled and qualified experts necessary access to deliver intended value. This approach allows us to operate as employees without the previously described obstacles associated with being an employee. With this arrangement, we are able to provide the actionable insights offered via our informed external perspective while working alongside your team in a capacity and capability augmentation manner to ensure that the knowledge, skills and will related to the solutions we jointly orchestrate are embedded within the fabric of the organisation. 

Regardless of whether you engage us in an advisory or consulting or production capacity, we ensure we provide the exact capabilities required to augment and support the achievement of your goals and execution of your strategy.

We therefore offer a customised contractual approach with the flexibility to accommodate our client's corporate policies and practices, without sacrificing the integrity of our engagement model and our ability to deliver maximum value.

With each engagement, our clients are assured of the following outcomes across all individuals, teams and touch-points with whom DTB Services interacts with: 

  1. Outcome focused with an emphasis on results and value
  2. Collaborative approach that recognising the symiotic nature of the engagement, we learn from your unique contextual challenges and you benefit from the depth and breadth of our expertise
  3. Internal capability building and knowledge transfer to ensure whatever level of service we offer and the practices or processes that are eventually impacted can be sustained within the organisation

Contact us, we look forward to engaging with you.


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